Paul Maddison Vice Admiral (Ret’d) Paul Maddison CMM MSM CD (Canada / Australia) – Strategic Adviser and Honorary Ambassador

Ken Doucette MMM, CD (Canada) – Past serving military member. Patron / Sports Ambassador for Children & Youth Sports.

Jill Carleton (Canada) – Youth Advocacy and Wellness 

Stephane Grenier (Canada) – Past serving military member in Rwanda. For the Global Youth Mental Health, Arts and Literacy Legacy fund.


Gregory Kane, Q.C. Commissioner

Asheesh Saxena, Arts Ambassador

Deb Rolfe, (LLP) mental health advocate and philanthropist 

Mick Cook, Afghanistan Veteran, academic and digital producer

Nadine Leger, advocate for military family mental health

Mark Molloy, Senior Ambassador for Paramedic Families

Ruth and Veronica Jones, Mother and Daughter Ambassadors for Veteran’s families’ children

Tricia Morey Hemcher, USA Navy Veteran, spouse, and social media support

Felicity Malins, Youth Executive Assistant to Fay Maddison

Helen Belfanti, Website/design and function executive 

Nina Bricker, a friend of Natasha’s Wood Planet Central, Website maintenance/ host pro bono of NWF website

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