About Us

The foundation

Natasha’s Wood Foundation – creating a youth “Legacy for Life”.

At the Natasha’s Wood Foundation, we harness the power of education and the arts (Setting up our Sports FUND), to generate awareness of and unconditional support for the on-going wellness and resiliency of children and youth in Veteran, serving Canadian Armed Forces, and First Responder families.

We welcome all children and youth from these serving families and are especially supportive to those families affected by service to the community and country (PTSD, OSI, TBI, and suicide). When a parent’s well-being is compromised, the entire family is profoundly affected. The Natasha’s Wood Foundation will address the unique lifestyle of the serving family by generating the resources required to provide programs and support services that build resiliency for these brave youth. 

Who is Natasha?

Based on the picture book series and (novels in development), author and creator Fay Maddison introduces us to a fictious characters named Natasha.  Natasha is a bright, inquisitive, nine-year-old girl who has a father serving in the military and is constantly away from home. Natasha makes a friend named Fern (he believes in dragons) and his dad is a firefighter. These two children meet just as Natasha moves into Fern’s apartment building, and soon an unlikely new friendship begins. To quieten her anxiety over moving, Natasha writes stories about her enchanted forest and the creatures that befriend her and Fern. 

Through a series of books, readers will discover the wonderful and very enchanted world of Natasha’s Wood where children gather to protect the enchanted forest, and the tiny creatures that call this place home.   

In the first picture book – Natasha’s Wood and Twiglet’s First Birthday: On a very sunny day in a secret garden full of wild and wonderful flowers, a small seed pops up from under the ground. This tiny seed uncurls its first leaves and takes the shape of a small twig. Even though she is just a twig, and not very big, her heart is full of hope. Named Twiglet by her fairy friends, she pledges to catch children’s wishes in leaves as big as dishes. Twiglet will grow up to be a tall, majestic, maple tree. But always remember, Twiglet is more than just a tree, she is magical. As she grows taller, she becomes the meeting place, a safe place, a home away from home for many tiny fairies, baby dragons and other magical creatures that call Natasha’s Wood their home. In the magical land of Natasha’s Wood, Twiglet and her friends will show us all just how powerful friendship, hope and love can be. Even the smallest fairy can offer hope to others! Now that’s powerful magic – made from love!

I’ll catch children wishes in leaves as big as their dreams.

In the second picture book – Natasha’s Wood and A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt: We follow a tiny, and very bright little Pollen-Fairy as she begins her journey to a new home. Along the journey Squirt looks to the bright orb, the moon, for help. The moon is happy to help Squirt – and tells her to believe – and to make a wish. Squirt lands in Natasha’s Wood – and finds more than just a new home – she also discovers new friends – that are just like her. Magical little creatures – baby dragons, unicorns and tiny fairies quickly welcome and befriend tiny Squirt! Here in this forest home Squirt will never be alone. 

Literacy – and fun educational STEM programs and Scholarships. Resiliency at its finest.