Natasha’s Wood Foundation Artwork Campaign
Submit your artwork until August 25, 2022!

Mission Statement

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation’s mission is to create a “Legacy for Life”.

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation will harness the power of the arts, education, and sports to generate awareness of and unconditional support for the on-going wellness and resiliency of children and youth in Veteran and serving Canadian Armed Forces families.

We welcome all children and youth from Veteran and Service families and are especially supportive to those families affected by service to community and country (PTSD, OSI, TBI and suicide). When a parent’s well-being is compromised, the entire family is profoundly affected.

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation will address the unique lifestyle of the military family by generating the resources required to provide programs and support services to the children and youth and especially those families affected by their loved one’s service.

Success Stories