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Where children’s wishes, dreams and stories unfold


Our mission:

To fundraise, create awareness of, and champion unconditional support for the children and youth of Veteran and Canadian Armed Forces families.

Our fun, kid and teen-friendly resiliency programs include our Natasha’s Wood Foundation (NWF): Reading and Art Summer Camps; Scholarship Fund; new virtual Teen STEM Coding Camp and more. All aimed at inspiring children and youth to build essential life skills, and to meet new friends with shared life experiences.

Reading and Arts Camps:

Our fun, beautiful, children’s literacy and art events have been enjoyed by over 1,000 children since 2014.

NWF Scholarship Fund:

Our Scholarship Fund has supported many students in pursuing post-secondary education and helped them in their journey to reach their career dreams.

NEW Teen Coding Camp:

NWF facilitated an introduction between Google Canada and CFMWS, and following the remarkable success of a pilot program in Spring 2024, NWF is pleased to announce continued funding, of the coding program, enabling more youth from military families to access valuable STEM education opportunities and eliminating financial barriers that families may face. This program is made possible through the generosity of its patrons: Landing Zones, PLC Construction, and PAL Aerospace.

Our Philosophy:

Resiliency is developed in a safe and accepting place, where children and youth can meet new friends and have a sense of belonging; To play and imagine new possibilities, where children and teenagers can believe in their dreams…

We are an inclusive organization. Please note that children and youth with special needs will always be supported and welcomed at our CFMWS/NWF events.


Natasha’s Wood

Our Literary and Arts programs are centred around the whimsical stories of the magical residents of Natasha’s Wood, who aim to inspire and share important life-lessons with young readers. Our magical children’s picture book series is a sustainable initiative.

All sales of these beautifully illustrated picture books, illustrated by children, gift back and enable more on-going children’s events.

Program Partners

At NWF, we work alongside the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), the Support Our Troops office (SOT), via the Office of Personnel Support Programs (PSP). The NWF is endorsed by the Official “Yellow Ribbon” logo of SOT.

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