Mark Molloy

I have a strong, successful background in both clinical excellence and working in higher managerial roles. In all career endeavours, thus far, I have been successful and valued, delivering consistently high results through confidence, competence and a strong work ethic.

Most recently, I have used these skills to build and grow the financial stability of a not for profit agency that I am also heavily involved in as a Volunteer Crisis Supporter.  This has seen me consciously evolve my management and negotiation skills, as well as interpersonal communication outside that of my previous service background – something I have found highly empowering to do.

During my eighteen years of experience working for three Emergency Service Agencies, I have always held a professional and trusted reputation and been a ‘go to’ member of staff for advice and assistance. Gaining high level leadership exposure, special operational skills, risk mitigation and Emergency Planning experience.

I am highly regarded by my peers and managers, having proved myself working in a solo capacity and also as part of a team.

I am very proud of my accomplishments to date and this along with my unique cross over of skills mix, and experience will allow me to succeed in any role.  My personal drivers will ensure that I strive to improve the work culture and team dynamic of any area I am involved in.