Mick Cook

Mick Cook is a veteran, academic, and digital producer. He served in the Australian Regular Army for 18 years prior to transferring to reserve service. Mick saw operational service in Helmand Province in Afghanistan as an embed in the British Forces’ 2 Scots Regiment in 2010. Mick is undertaking a PhD of Creative Practice exploring the transition process for veterans as they leave full-time service. His writing and digital productions focus on generating public discussions about war and society. Mick is a PTSD survivor. 

Statement on Natasha’s Wood
“My recovery from PTSD was a team effort. This team include my employers, therapists, and friends; but the MVPs of this team were my wife and children. Often the close family members of PTSD survivors are provided sympathy but no real mechanism for expressing there experiences. Empathy is a far more productive emotion and programs such as Natasha’s Wood provide children of PTSD survivors the creative outlet to express themselves. “