Nadine Leger

Nadine is an accomplished certified Trauma Informed Life Coach with over 15 years
experience working with military and veteran families who live with the effect of service
related mental health injuries.

As a child and partner of a veteran, Nadine knows first hand the diversity that is within,
raising 2 children, bringing awareness to mental health, adapting and adjusting to the
unique challenges one may face, also recognizing the nuances of this transient lifestyle.
Nadine believes that everyone is completely whole and resourceful, holding everyone with
unconditional positive regard, recognizing that each person has all necessary tools and
resources within themselves.

Nadine advocates for better care and services for families impacted by operational stress
injuries with continued creativity and dedication in developing valuable programs and
educational workshops.

Nadine champions Natasha’s Wood Foundation as a leader in creating programing through
visual arts, while holding a safe space for children & youth in their journey to heal along side
their parents.