Tricia Morey Hemcher

USA, Navy, Veteran spouse joins the Natasha’s Wood Foundation as an Ambassador for children!

Pride and love for others and country has no borders. Men and women are serving in the military, as well as first responders, putting it all on the line.  Meanwhile, their families back home are giving their all to support them.  Holding down the fort, as they say, moving from base to base, a parent being away from home days at a time up to 15 months, is done throughout the world every day.  

I am a proud US Army “military brat” born and raised in the military community through my college years. I married back into the military family and now raise two of my own “brats”. 

While my husband was on active duty 20 years in the United States Navy, I had the honour to serve as Command Ombudsman during his time aboard an aircraft carrier.

Living the retired life now, my husband works in law enforcement and continues to volunteer with a local fire department. I work part time in education, and I volunteer as a Girl Scout Leader, parent representative on the school Advisory Council, Parent Teacher Group representative at one child’s school, and Secretary for another child’s marching band booster club.  And, yes, next year I will scale back.  🙂

It is odd not moving all the time now, but I cherish the fact we can put down our own roots.  We are still a patriotic family supporting our military, Veterans and first responders daily.  We watch the news from around the world and our hearts go out to those in harm’s way, and we remember what it is like to support them.  

I look forward to continuing to support Fay and Natasha’s Wood Foundation from the USA.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what country someone is from … the pride, the love, and the sacrifices are the same.

We are one big family!  🙂

HOOYAH and BZ !!*

* Hooyah … a US Navy chant to raise spirits

* BZ … Bravo Zulu … the best compliment that can be given in the US Navy