Greetings from the Natasha’s Wood Foundation.

Dear young artist — Congratulations!

We are very happy to inform you that your child’s art work has been chosen as one of the illustrations for Fay Maddison’s first picture book “Twiglet’s First Birthday”. This first book in a series will be ready for sale in December 2015.

The Natasha’s Wood Foundation wishes to share this wonderful news of our first book’s release. We may also be placing your child’s name alongside their art on our Natasha’s Wood Foundation website:

And Natasha’s Wood Foundation Facebook pages:

Please know that 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the book “Twiglet’s First Birthday” (after costs), will be gifted to youth/ children’s programs in the areas of ARTS, EDUCATION and SPORTS, for the families of Veterans, First Responders and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Your child’s art work has now become part of a legacy that will foster health and wellness and bring awareness to the challenges and celebrations of youth from families that serve in harm’s way. Protecting us and our communities sometimes comes at a personal cost – and our mission at the Natasha’s Wood Foundation, with your help, is to create a positive world in which these little heroes will grow up.

The special edition, early reader Natasha’s Wood picture books and your child’s art will bring delight and strength to many children and families. We thank you for sharing your talent, young artist.


The power behind this legacy for children – is by children. You and your child are behind this legacy and we thank you for your support.

Our next ART CONTEST is now open for you to submit more of your children’s beautiful art work – “A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt”. Go ahead and submit as many pieces as your child would like. The storyline to “A Pollen Fairy Named Squirt” is found on our website. You can also purchase these fun magical picture books through the Natasha’s Wood Foundation website shop

Also, if your family member is presently serving, or is a Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, or the RCMP, you may also purchase our Twiglet, “Believe” kid’s t-shirts at the Department of National Defence CANEX e-commerce store. Proceeds of these magical t-shirts also gift back directly to Natasha’s Wood Foundation children and youth programs.

Please purchase your Natasha’s Wood children’s t-shirts at:
A copy of our special edition picture book, illustrated with your child’s art work, will be sent as a gift to the office of Her Majesty the Queen of Canada.

Your child is now part of a child’s legacy for life.

Fay Maddison
FOUNDER – Natasha’s Wood Foundation


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We BELIEVE in children’s wishes and dreams… Our MOU is with the Queen of Canada and the Chief of the Defense Staff through the Office of Morale and Welfare.