With each passing day Twiglet grew taller.

And all through summer Twiglet’s leaves grew bigger.

When autumn arrived Twiglet’s leaves turned brighter.

The leaves changed from green to yellow and red.

Twiglet’s trunk grew wider. Twiglet’s branches grew longer…

Yes, it was true, Twiglet’s leaves were still growing larger.

When winter arrived Twiglet was very tall. The fairies had to fly up high to place a flower on Twiglet’s tallest branch. When the snow fell, Twiglet began to fall asleep. The fairies, dragons and all the unicorns hugged Twiglet good night.

Then they sang to Twiglet a lullaby, “Believe! Dream, dear Twiglet, and keep on growing bigger. We will watch over you while you sleep under this beautiful winter moon.”

When spring finally arrived Twiglet woke up and uncurled its new leaves. And yes, it was true – Twiglet soon began catching children’s wishes in leaves as big as dishes.

“All you have to do is believe,” whispered the Blue-Fairy.