“We’ll be your friends, tiny twig,” a dragon said.

“Happy Birthday little twig. Welcome to our family. Here in this secret garden you will never be alone. This is a magical woodland home. All you have to do is believe…” said the fairies.

The little twig giggled with glee. “I believe. I believe.”

The fairies twirled closer in their glittering gowns. “Now what should we name you – before you grow big? Twiglet! Twiglet, do you like this new name?”

The tiny twig swayed back and forth, as a new leaf sprouted out of its tiny head. The twig was so happy to hear its new name. It whistled and clapped its tiny hands.

“Yes, I am Twiglet! Twiglet I will be… One day I’ll grow big, just you wait and see. I’ll catch children’s wishes, in leaves as big as dishes.”