Squirt was a Pollen-Fairy, tiny and bright. She could change colours even at night.

One dark night, the wind blew so hard that it picked Squirt up, right out of her flower home.

Squirt flew through the air like a skittish kite. “Oh, my, oh my, I should not be out on this dark windy night!”

Squirt kept on travelling. “It looks like I’m moving to a new home, and I guess that’s alright.”

Squirt looked down at the city far below. All of the houses were in darkness, not one single glow.

“I wonder where my new home will be.” Squirt looked down. My goodness, now she was flying over the sea. The wind sent Squirt this way and that. Over mountains and rivers she soared.

Squirt was flying East, and then she flew South.

Then she changed directions again and flew North and then West.

“I’m not sure where I’m going.” But then Squirt saw the moon. The light from the moon offered Squirt hope on this dark windy night.