“Make a wish,” said the moon. “Believe with your heart. You will find a new home when you land. Now take a look at this map, and keep it in your hand. ”

Squirt looked at the map as she said, “I believe, I believe that no matter where I land, that someone will love me, and offer me a hand. I wish, I wish…”


Suddenly it was daylight and fairy dust was everywhere!

Squirt had landed in a great big tree. The leaves on the tree were as big as dishes.

The big tree smiled at Squirt. “Hello little Pollen-Fairy, are you alright?”

Squirt hugged the big tree, “Can you help me find my new home, big tree?”

The tree gently lowered Squirt onto the ground and said, “Of course I will help you. Meet some new friends. They’ll be happy to help you too.”