There was a smiling green dragon with wings, and a fairy in a sparkling blue gown. The fairy held Squirt’s tiny hand and said, “Welcome to our magical home, we promise you’ll never feel alone.”

Then a unicorn came out from behind that big tree. “Welcome Pollen-Fairy. Welcome to our secret home.”
Squirt yawned and told her new friends about how she had travelled so many times. “Can you help me find a flower that I can call my new home?”

The unicorn showed Squirt a yellow flower. Squirt climbed inside and nestled down tight. Then that little Pollen-Fairy named Squirt smiled at the big tree. “Good night tree…Good night fairy. Good night dragon. Good night unicorn, this is a perfect home for me.”

And as Squirt fell asleep, the tree sung a lullaby just for her, “Dream and make wishes. Make them stick, make them stay, for all your bright and happy days. It doesn’t matter where you travel to, you can always call this place home. Here in this magical secret garden, you will never be alone.”

When Squirt fell fast asleep, a tiny Blue-Fairy whispered in her ear, “All you have to do is believe.”