Twiglet’s First Birthday

On a very special day, in a secret garden, a beautiful legend was born…A small seed pushed up from under the ground. “I’m here! I’m here!” it happily sang.

The seed was so small, and no bigger than a twig, but its little heart was very big. Slowly the twig uncurled its tiny arms and smiled up into the face of a flower.

The twig whispered to the flower, “I wished, and I dreamed of this beautiful day.”

All the other flowers and trees in the garden were very tall. They towered over that tiny newborn twig. The twig suddenly felt so small and all alone. “I wish, I wish, I had friends my size to play with.”


In a sparkling cloud of fairy dust, tiny dragons, fairies and unicorns suddenly appeared. The unicorns pranced, the dragons flew and the fairies twirled in their gowns of blue.

Everyone was happy. There was not one single frown.